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A Life-changing Rain Forest Experience

A visit to Explorama Lodges located in the tropical rain forest along the Amazon and Napo Rivers and their tributaries of the Amazon Basin, holds a breathtaking experience for scientists, biologists, students of ecotourism, environmentalists and anyone - young & old alike - who are interested in conservation of our natural resources.

Explorama's rain forest itineraries are designed to enlighten the visitor to the many wonders of the area. Fresh water Pink & Gray Dolphins frolicking in the glistening waters; Three-Toed Sloths clinging to Cacao & Ceiba Trees; a Marine Toad the size of a persons head; an Emerald-Green Boa Constrictor slithering along river's edge; beautiful Poison-dart Frogs hopping along the forest floor; Capuchin Monkeys chattering among the forest Canopy; Leafcutter ants trailing their booty to their underground nests; Red Piranha fishing where a catch is guaranteed; visits to 'Riberenos' villages (people who inhabit the river systems); hundreds of species of tropical birds and fish; the spectacular Canopy Walkway that stretches through 1,500 feet of the rain forest canopy reaching heights of 120 feet off the forest floor; shaman attending their medicinal plants and lectures on how the plants are used to treat indigenous people; accommodations in camp-style raised platforms, rustic kerosene-lighted rooms/walkways or comfortable air-conditioned rooms with water-slide swimming pool.

On the pages that follow there are a variety of itineraries offered by Explorama Lodges thru their world-wide reservations office. All of Explorama's itineraries begin/end in Iquitos, Peru and include round trip airport transfers (Iquitos), lodging, all meals while with Explorama, guide and taxes on meals and lodging. Not included is air to Iquitos, items of a personal nature and tipping. On internal Peruvian air.. Explorama has access to reduced fares and welcomes the opportunity of assisting their guests in securing the very best price available.

For more details, please visit our General Information page, contact us with any questions or to make a reservation, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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